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There’s a great trend happening among women in business. They’re forming groups, often called masterminds, that serve as a peer to peer mentoring forum. Weekly or monthly, they’re meeting up online or in person to speak honestly about running and growing their companies. They’re learning from one another, making each other smarter and more business savvy. I want to open up that dialogue to the masses. Encourage everyone to get in on a mastermind.

So I decided to start a podcast! Each week, I'll interview other creative entrepreneurs (product designers, photographers, stylists, shop owners, bloggers, influencers & more) to talk all things business, from exact resources and initial capital sources to making your first hire and growing your team. We'll dive into details about differentiating sales channels and revenue streams, how to drive traffic to your website and how to make digital marketing and social media work for you. 

In addition to best business practices, I'll teases out the books, apps and tech hacks that make these companies run more smoothly and the daily routines and habits that keep these entrepreneurs feeling grounded while running their businesses day to day.

We're calling the show Gamechangers: cause that's what the women are. And so is their advice.

I want this to be own personal mastermind with the best in the business. If you’re ready to be inspired and make some life-altering moves in your company, join the movement!

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If you'd like to advertise on the podcast or suggest a guest we should talk to, you can email podcast@savannahhayes.com to chat.


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