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Lively on the Gamechanges Podcast with Savannah Hayes

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In this episode of the Gamechangers podcast, I’m talking to Michelle Cordeiro Grant, founder & CEO of Lively. With years of experience working for industry leader Victoria's Secret, Michelle knew there was something big missing in the lingerie industry: the real woman. She took her significant work experience and has spent the past several years building Lively. Michelle chats about the two key strategies that led her to collect 133,000 email addresses and to achieve 300,000 site visits in a single weekend, one month before launch, how she then adapted her launch strategy to fit the demand, how she's managing their 60,000 ambassadors to leverage her company and why the number one thing she looks for in a new hire is passion. Enjoy!

Lively on the Gamechanges Podcast with Savannah Hayes

Some Things We Mention

Victoria's Secret


Convertible Note

How Harry's Collected 100,000 Emails Before Launch

Outdoor Voices



Blue Ocean Strategy (book)

How I Built This (podcast)

Second Life (podcast)



Lively on the Gamechanges Podcast with Savannah Hayes

Where You Can Find Lively


On Instagram

In Person (Store)

Become an Ambassador

Gamechangers on Apple PodcastsI hope you enjoy!

Savannah x

All photos courtesy of Lively


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