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Hygge & West on the Gamechangers Podcast with Savannah Hayes

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In this episode of the Gamechangers podcast, I’m talking to Christiana Coop and Aimee Lagos, the founders and co-owners behind the beautiful home décor line, Hygge & West. Named for the Danish concept of "Hygge", which loosely translates to "cozy", their product is all about making your home a beautiful environment where everyday moments can be enjoyed. Launched 10 years ago, they’ve expanded from their hugely popular wallpaper collection into new product categories like fabric, shower curtains and most recently: a bedding line. We talk about how they self-financed their launch, how they drive traffic to their site using all the things, including an SEO team, what it’s like collaborating with designers on each of their product lines, how to develop and photograph a new collection and we also get some insider info on their first book!

Hygge & West on the Gamechangers Podcast with Savannah Hayes

Some Things We Mention

Hygge & West Wallpaper

Julia Rothman

Shopify Recommended SEO Experts

Hygge & West Instagram

Oh Joy!

Justina Blakeney

Hygge & West Bedding

Tilton Fenwick

Lawson Fenning

Coral & Tusk

Chronicle Books

Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life (book)

You Are A Message (book)

You Are a Circle (book)

You Are a Dream (book)

Kate of Wit & Delight


Hygge & West on the Gamechangers Podcast with Savannah Hayes

Where You Can Find Hygge & West

Hygge & West

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Hygge & West on the Gamechangers Podcast with Savannah Hayes

Gamechangers on Apple PodcastsSubscribe to Gamechangers on AndroidI hope you enjoy!

Savannah x

All photos courtesy of Hygge & West


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