Starting with a Big Idea & Where to Go From There

Follain on the Gamechangers Podcast with Savannah Hayes

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In this episode of the Gamechangers podcast, I’m talking to Tara Foley of Follain, the popular retailer of over 80 brands in the clean beauty market. Tara talks about the importance of research & education when planning your business, how she's found funding over the years, the unconventional decision to launch with a Brick & Mortar shop before an e-commerce site and why you should always start with a Big Idea. Enjoy!

Follain on the Gamechangers Podcast with Savannah Hayes

Some Things We Mention

Best of Boston

NYT, T Magazine Online

Follain Skin Quiz

Follain Stores

Headspace (app)

Peloton Digital (app)

Setting the Table by Danny Meyer (book)

Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia

Follain on the Gamechangers Podcast with Savannah Hayes

Where You Can Find Follain

Follain on Instagram

Tara on Instagram

Gamechangers on Apple PodcastsI hope you enjoy!

Savannah x

All photos courtesy of Follain


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