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Innovation & Experimentation in a Creative Business

AVO on the Gamechangers Podcast with Savannah Hayes

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In this episode of the Gamechangers podcast, I’m talking to Brit Kleinman, founder and designer behind AVO, the incredible home decor brand creating hand dyed leather pieces for interiors. AVO creates bold and iconic rugs, pillows and wall tiles: each piece is hand dyed in their Brooklyn studio, often made to order & customized for the individual project. Brit talks about how her extensive work history taught her to design into manufacturing, how to start and grow a business and exposed her to the incredible qualities and history that leather has to offer. She talks about the importance of harnessing the confidence to create your own path, the power of innovating and experimenting and how she prefers to learn all the rules...right before she breaks them.

AVO on the Gamechangers Podcast with Savannah Hayes

Some Things We Mention




Bedford Cheese Shop




Sight Unseen

Grain Design

Rebecca Atwood

Luxe Magazine Show House at Greystone Estate

Textiles Arts Center


AVO Collaborations

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Asher Israelow

David Limrite

Heath Ceramics

AVO on the Gamechangers Podcast with Savannah Hayes

Where You Can Find AVO

Next Level

AVO Studio in Brooklyn Navy Yard

AVO Website

On Instagram

AVO on the Gamechangers Podcast with Savannah Hayes

Gamechangers on Apple PodcastsI hope you enjoy!

Savannah x

All photos courtesy of AVO


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