Defining Your Customer Profile to Succeed in Your Marketing Efforts

AUrate on the Gamechangers Podcast with Savannah Hayes

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In this episode of the Gamechangers podcast, I’m talking to Sophie Kahn & Bouchra Ezzahraoui, co-founders of AUrate, the fine jewelry brand bringing you the highest quality and the fairest pricing. Sophie & Bouchra talk about how they launched their brand as an omnichannel vehicle from the start, how they've achieved 400% growth over the last year, and why they see Brick & Mortar stores as a cheaper way of acquiring new customers. In all things they do to grow their business, defining and understanding the customer profile is at the center of it all. From direct discussions, reports from stores, social media comments and even focus groups, knowing who their customer is allows them to spend their marketing dollars in the smartest and most effective ways. Enjoy!

AUrate on the Gamechangers Podcast with Savannah Hayes

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The Little Prince (book)

Lean In (book)

Warby Parker


AUrate on the Gamechangers Podcast with Savannah Hayes

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Gamechangers on Apple PodcastsI hope you enjoy!

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