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Morning Mark Making / Black & White Texture

Morning Mark Making | Savannah Hayes

Call me crazy, but let's start a hashtag!

Just back from an amazing week at Alt Summit, I can't stop thinking about Justina Blakeney's talk on creative exercises. I've decided to spend one hour each morning, before I even turn on my computer, letting my mind and hands just make. Anything.

As it's always easier to stick with a routine when we're being held accountable, I'll be posting each morning's doodle/collage/painting/blockprint/papercut/etc. on Instagram using the hashtag #MorningMarkMaking

And I hope you'll join me, if you'd like to! I'd love for this to become an online community where we can inspire and be inspired ourselves.

Who's in?!

Savannah xx

(image by me: @savannahhayesstudio)

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