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Friday Finds / Geometric Tiles & the Perfect Hue: Blush

Savannah Hayes Friday Finds / Geometric Tiles & the Perfect Hue: Blush

We made it to the weekend! Today's our inaugural post for a new column we'll be doing every Friday. I'll roundup my favorite links from around the web: everything from a great cocktail recipe to a must read on home decor.

Have you had a good week? I've been living & breathing all things Quickbooks (you guys, it's so intense) & am beyond ready for a couple days without classifying transactions!

Have a joyous weekend & enjoy the below.

1 INSPIRATION / I'm endlessly inspired by tiles & the beautiful geometry they create. A friend of mine recently traveled to Marrakech and discovered the incredible work of Popham Design. Don't mind me, I'll just be over here figuring out how many spaces I can re-tile in my home.

2 INTERIORS / Blush, blush, everything blush. Be still my heart! My favorite hue of the moment is popping up everywhere, from walls to cushions. Heavily inspiring my next collection of fabric & pillows, this soft and sophisticated hue looks incredible with neutrals and is making statements left and right.

3 FASHION / Love a good jumpsuit, adore a good romper. It's a delicate area trying to find one that doesn't scream teenage girl, but this incredible piece by Bliss and Mischief is striking just the right balance.

4 COCKTAILS / You had me at julep. On this super overcast day, I'm daydreaming about sunshine & porch cocktails. Mint julep with a watermelon twist? Yes, please!

5 COLOR / The Yvonne Koné shop in Copenhagen is doing powerful things with a new coat of paint on its walls. This green meets blue meets grey color is such a breath of fresh air & may give blush a run for its money.

6 ENTERTAINING / I've never been much of a collector, but I do love a good set of drinkware. Wine, champagne, margarita, there's always a drink looking for its perfect cup. These stunning Cabrillo glasses from Quitokeeto look like the perfect pairing for a bit of rosé or sparkling water.

Savannah xx

(all images via the referenced links)

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