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10 Pillows to Refresh your Home for Spring

Decorative Pillows

It was touch and go there for a minute. Would we ever escape winter? To celebrate this change in season (and to try to block those cold, gloomy days from my memory), I like to do a little spring cleaning in the form of some light redecorating.

Pillows are my go-to way to mix things up and refresh my living spaces. I like to think about my home in terms of seasons, constantly rotating pillows and throws to keep things from feeling tired or stale.

Below are some of my favorite options for a spring refresh. From designer pillows to on-a-budget pillows, it's a pillow round up with something for everyone.

Designer Pillows

I hope you enjoy!

Savannah x

Pillows Clockwise from Top Left:
Outdoor Zoe Bios Meeting Pillow | Zuma Gouache Pillow | Sasha Pillow | Cushion Cover | Tassled Nadia Pillow | Bruges Pillow | Dulce Pillow | Tassled Mackenzie Pillow | Crewel Palms Pillow | Porto Pillow

Cover Photo via Brit.co

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